‘Personal Discovery is a process of waking up to who you really are’


From birth, or even before, our interactions with the world contain invitations to be something other than what we would naturally be.

Certain of our instinctive ways of being are deemed ‘unacceptable’, either by ourselves or by others. We cease to use them, and gradually forget them, replacing them with alternatives which are judged more ‘acceptable’.

Then at some point in our lives, sometimes associated with a traumatic event such as a bereavement, relationship breakdown or job loss, we experience a persistent nagging feeling that something important is wrong or missing, or that we have lost our direction.


Personal Discovery is about learning how to ‘dis-cover’ some of what we have covered, and some of the forgotten origins of what we see as fundamental parts of ourselves.

We can use Personal Discovery work to escape from the limitations of a collection of outdated, inherited beliefs and pre-judgements, and live in the here-and-now as unique ‘360 degree’ people.

With awareness of the ways in which we ‘bend’ reality, we can begin to explore our own hidden realms and dimensions.


The image of finding a forgotten door, and the lure of what may be beyond it once we open it and pass through, is both powerful and exciting.

Personal Discovery is about finding your door and becoming the person you really are.

Areas in which we can work include:

  • Exploring your Frame of Reference
  • Discovering your Natural Temperament
  • Identifying and Challenging your ‘Lifescript’
  • Separating your Persona from your True Self
  • Reclaiming your Shadow
  • Embracing your Soul Image
  • Personal Alchemy
  • Resonance

Personal Discovery work can be tailored specifically to the individual, or carried out as part of a small group over a short course of Workshop sessions.