You know when things are right, and when they are not.
You know when you are happy, and when you are not.

Whether you bring an acute issue or a more general feeling or need, Counselling can provide an opportunity to explore yourself and what concerns you in an environment that is safe, non-judgemental and confidential.

As your Counsellor, my sole agenda is to be there with you and for you.

For me, the most important element of counselling is the therapeutic relationship – the way Client and Counsellor relate to each other.

Throughout, you will be the one taking responsibility for your own progress, and achieving your own goals, for which you can deservedly feel proud.

I’ll provide a safe space for you to explore, discover and, if you want to, make redecisions and embrace change.

When you are ready, you can move on with your life.


Sometimes we need a little help to help ourselves.

Counselling and Personal Discovery work can help with:

  • Coping with tough times
  • Working through problems
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Finding out who you really are and/or wish to be
  • Growing as a person
  • Changing unwanted aspects of thinking, feeling
    and behaviour
  • Achieving fredom from fears and phobias
  • Increasing your levels of self-awareness and well-being
  • Taking control of your life


You come to see me for one hour sessions at a day, time and interval that suits both of us. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions you can have, and I won’t encourage you to carry on if I feel you are ready to finish.

It is perfectly normal to feel a little apprehensive when trying something new. I remember that I was wary when I went to my first session. However, there is nothing to be scared of. I won’t hurry you or ask you lots of probing questions. You can just let me know what you want me to hear in your own way and at your own pace.

It can be helpful to have a wonder beforehand about what you feel you want to achieve, change or explore during you Counselling.


As well as talking, I am experienced in using many less cognitive, more ‘right-brained’ approaches, including:

  • Drawing and other artwork
  • Object sculpting
  • Creative visualisation/guided imagery
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also known as ‘tapping’
  • Dreamwork

I have worked extensively with many creative people to help them to discover ways of dissolving blocks and realising their potential.